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  • CHIMAR HELLAS, successor of ACM Wood Chemicals, is a pioneer in providing innovative industrial technology for the resin and wood based panel industries in all continents.
  • CHIMAR specializes in developing and licensing know-how for the production of amino & phenolic resins and various additives.
  • CHIMAR specializes as well in the application of said products in manufacturing fibreboard, particleboard, oriented strand board, plywood, laminates HPL/LPL & engineered wood (e.g. Glulam, LVL, CLT).
  • CHIMAR undertakes the equipment supply and engineering of turnkey formaldehyde and resin plants.
  • CHIMAR offers tailor-made and cost-effective solutions, anticipating its customers’ needs.


  • team of 30 highly motivated experts
  • over 40 years expertise in 40+ countries
  • CHIMAR know-how applied in 100+ industrial sites
  • οver 1.4 Million Tons per year of resin produced by customers under CHIMAR technology
  • οver 10% of global wood panel production uses CHIMAR services (PB & MDF)
  • Customers follow CHIMAR since day 1