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CHIMAR develops and licenses competitive, state-of-the-art industrial technology (know-how) for the production of:

  • Amino & Phenolic resins , for standard and special applications of MDF, Particleboard, OSB, Plywood, Engineered wood (e.g. Glulam, LVL, CLT)
  • Impregnation syrups  (UF, MF, PF) for laminated paper, LPL, HPL
  • Low emission resin systems (E1 plus, CARB II, F****). CHIMAR is a pioneer technology provider in the reduction of board emissions, even down to the level of natural wood
  • NAF binders (no-added formaldehyde based resins) with emissions below the level of wood
  • Bio-based resins , derived from renewable biomass products or by-products
  • Conventional Additives,  reactive hardeners, cross-linking agents, scavengers, resin substitutes, moisture resistance promoters, release agents, wetting agents, various additives for laminating syrups)
  • Novel Additives such as MDI hardeners, Vapour Catalyst for amino resins, accelerators for cold-setting phenolics & oil-repellent additive for laminates

CHIMAR technology is protected via a portfolio of international patent families and via trade-secrets

CHIMAR offers equipment supply and engineering services in the areas of:

  • Turnkey chemical plants starting from methanol conversion to produce resins and chemical additives
  • Equipment for industrial installations (resin reactors, tanks, glue kitchens)
  • Process technology and support for lines producing formaldehyde, UFC, resins and additives
  • Project management for the installation and operation of plants
  • Optimization and revamp of existing production units

The plants, equipment and services offered by CHIMAR help to meet high production quality requirements and allow for the minimisation of the production costs.

CHIMAR has completed seventeen (17) projects in Europe, North & South America, Africa and Oceania in the field of resins for Wood Based Panels.

CHIMAR provides services both remotely and on-site to the producers of resins and wood panels worldwide through:

CHIMAR supports the protection of trade-secrets and patents, offering strategic consultancy, management and follow up of formal protection procedures. These services are addressed to the chemistry, chemical technology, computer science, electronics and mechanical engineering sectors.
CHIMAR produces, represents and provides chemical additives in industrial quantities on demand.
CHIMAR acts as the distributor and sales representative of established equipment manufacturers, offering equipment and solutions to industries and institutions of various fields.
CHIMAR has long expertise in participating and implementing R&D projects in collaboration with established research and industrial organizations in the framework of European R&D projects. 

Main References: The technology developed by CHIMAR has been applied so far in 100+ industrial sites located in more than 40 countries. Users of CHIMAR technology are among the most important resin and panel industries in the world:

  • Borg Group (Australia)
  • Borisov DOK, Ivatsevitchdrev (Belarus)
  • GPC QUIMICA (Brazil)
  • Kronospan Bulgaria EOOD (Bulgaria)
  • Arauco North America (former Flakebord Ltd) (Canada / USA)
  • EcoSynthetix Inc (Canada)
  • Sapemus Chemie GmbH (Germany)
  • Hadjilucas S.A. (Greece)
  • Tableros de Aglomerado (Guatemala)
  • Duraplay de Parral S.A. (Mexico)
  • Wood Chemicals South Africa (Proprietary) Ltd, P.G. Bison Ltd (South Africa)
  • Finsa Group (Spain, Portugal)
  • Forestal del Atlantico SA (Spain)
  • Karpatsmoly (Ukraine)
  • UPM-Kymmene Corporation (Finland)

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Appreciably CHIMAR has maintained its first clients throughout its years of existence (e.g. Flakeboard, Sapemus, Hadjilucas, Shelman).