Process Technology

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CHIMAR has developed own process technology based on previous experience which was gained and proven “on the field”, during the construction and operation of numerous successful projects. The application of this technology provides:

  • Consistently high quality resins and additives for all panel grades and types
  • Competitive initial investment requirements
  • Minimal operating cost
  • Low energy demand / carbon footprint
  • Best manufacturing practice particularly on personnel, environmental and equipment safety

Owning this applied, “state-of-the-art” technology, CHIMAR is flexible and can provide

  • Investment Optimization through adequate sizing
  • Advantageous combination of automation level for minimal labor needs and operators’ & equipment safety
  • Optimum land use
  • Production flexibility for all grades of products (e.g. formaldehyde emissions, moisture resistance, Fire retardancy, laminating syrups)

CHIMAR can and does cooperate at various levels and construction stages during the procurement of a plant with the same, elevated, degree of success. This flexibility provides both parties the competitive edge of utilizing every advantage offered due to local particularities (e.g. labour cost, steel price, auxiliary equipment supply etc.). The outline of cooperation possibilities is described here.

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