Patent Services

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CHIMAR has a long expertise in industrial Research and Development as well as in the registration, protection and exploitation of inventions worldwide.

The company has focused initially on the protection and exploitation of product technologies intended for the synthetic resin and wood panel industries and soon expanded its activities in the area of formaldehyde production technology as well as the in the development and application of Information Technology tools for the resin and panel industries.

To successfully manage the protection and exploitation of its Intellectual Property Rights, CHIMAR has formed the ChimarIP department.

ChimarIP undertook the fulfillment of all the tasks involved in the protection, registration and maintenance of the company’s Intellectual Property all around the world.

The valuable experience of the ChimarIP department was the starting point for CHIMAR to offer consultancy services as regards the protection and exploitation of know-how, trade secrets and Industrial Property Rights (patents, trademarks, industrial designs) to third parties (companies & individuals inventors).

ChimarIP offers techno-economic advisory services in the areas:

  • Protection, registration and maintenance of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Intellectual Property (IP) strategy / IP Portfolio management

ChimarIP services are addressed to various sectors such as chemistry, chemical technology, computer science, electronics and mechanical engineering.