Technical Support

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CHIMAR has accumulated experience in the production and application of binders, during the past 38 years in 40 countries in over 100 industrial sites across the globe. This knowledge and experience can be conveyed to its partners, through the TECHNICAL SUPPORT service.

The TECHNICAL SUPPORT is amongst the strongest points of CHIMAR and sets the company far ahead of the competition.

Collaboration with CHIMAR ensures, not only access to the best formulations available, BUT also, that they will be produced and applied according to the most updated available international industrial practices.

It has to be noted that the experience of CHIMAR covers practically:

  • all types of binders,
  • wood species / mixtures,
  • wood based panel grades
  • wood based panel upgrade through low pressure laminates, veneering etc
  • paper impregnation.

From std. grade E2 with ultra high production speeds to the most demanding and sensitive F**** moisture resistant production, and from 100% single species to mixed recycled wood.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT is offered to all licensees of CHIMAR and is available to all resin and wood based panel producers, seeking external partnership to improve their operations through collaboration and innovation. Most importantly, it is offered to all production sites that are in need of customized services which can also lead to cost savings.

Whether you are seeking a one off cooperation or a long lasting partnership, CHIMAR is the right choice!

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