EU Funded Projects

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Formaldehyde free Bio-Based thermosetting resin for wood pressed products (ECOPRESSWOOD) pdf-icon.jpg  Ongoing
Multi-product Integrated bioRefinery of Algae: from Carbon dioxide and Light Energy to high-value Specialties (MIRACLES) pdf-icon.jpg Ongoing
Development of bioenergy and recycled wood products from forest residues and wood by-products (FORECO) pdf-icon.jpg  Completed
CHORUS Cluster for Green Energy (CHORUS) pdf-icon.jpg  Completed
Innovative applications of regenerated wood cellulose fibres (COST Action FP1205) pdf-icon.jpg  Ongoing
New Lightweight and Nanotechnology Enhanced Bio-composites from Lignocellulosic Materials (FIBRACOM) pdf-icon.jpg ENpdf-icon.jpg GR Completed
Innovative Poplar Low Density Structured Panel (IPAN) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
An Innovative, Environmentally Friendly CO2/Lubricant Absorption Power System for Highly Efficient Power Generation from Low Temperature Industrial Waste Heat to Reduce Emissions and Costs (ICARUS) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Understanding wood cell wall structure, biopolymer interaction and composition: implications for current products and new material innovation (COST Action FP1105) pdf-icon.jpg Ongoing
Biomass based energy intermediates boosting biofuel production (BIOBOOST) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Green composites and 3D objects (GreenComposites) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Laminated strong eco-material for building construction made of cellulose-strengthened wood (CELLUWOOD) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Development of a biorefinery for the valorization of biodiesel production residues to produce biodegradable polymers and high added-value products (BIOREF) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Valorization of cheese dairy and winery wastes) for the production of high added-value products (19SMEs2009) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Polymeric nano-composites of high performance suitable for multi applications (22SMEs2009) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Bringing new functions to wood through surface modification (COST FP1006) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Biocommodity Refinery (BIOCORE) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Non-food crops for a European bio-based industry and sustainable agriculture (Crops2Industry) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Developing advanced Biorefinery schemes for integration into existing oil production/transesterification plants (SUSTOIL) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Co-processing of upgraded bioliquids in standard refinery units (BIOCOUP) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Biomass for the market competitive and environmental friendly synthesis of bio-products, chemicals and/or materials together with the production of secondary energy carriers transportation, fuels, power and/or CHP through the bio refinery approach, combining both biochemical en thermo-chemical pathways, and process development from lab-scale to demonstration at pilot-scale (BIOSYNERGY) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Modelling of Formalin & UFC Production in Absorption Columns (Modelling Absorption Columns) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Processes and Performance of Wood-based Panels (COST E49) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Bonding of Timber (COST E34) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Innovative and Competitive Chemical Technology for Producing Fire Resistant Wood-Based Products (Fire Retardant) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Development of improved aminoplastic resins hybrids and substantiation of their adhesive mechanism with wood via up-to-date analytical methods (Amino Resins) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Renewable Adhesives for Industrial Wood Based Panel Production (RenuResin) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Catalyst Development for Catalytic Biomass Flash Pyrolysis Producing Promising Liquid Bio-fuels (BIOCAT) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Development of Industrial Solutions for the Recycling and Valorisation of the olive Oil Fabrication Residues for Biopolymers and Fine Chemicals (BIOLIVE) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Modelling and Optimisation of Industrial Absorption Processes (OPT – ABSO) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
High added value composite panels through recycling of waste lignocellulosic materials (Recycled Composites) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Innovative technology for panel manufacture from fiberised agriculture (Agriwaste Panels) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Special Reactive Latent Hardener for Use in the Wood-Based Panels Industry (Latent Hardener) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Optimisation of the Manufacturing Process of Special Polymers Employed in the Wood Industry (PAVE 409) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Innovative NIR Methodologies for the Determination and Control of Stability of Aminoplastic resins (PAVE 422) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Development of New Amino Resins by Controlling their Morphology and Synthesis Parameters (YPER 459) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Novel Closed-Loop Technology for Panel Recycling (Panel Recycling) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Non-toxic aminoplastic adhesive for medium density fibreboards and new application panel products of improved weather and biological resistance (Novel Aminoplastic Adhesive) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Catalytic Pyrolysis of Biomass for Improved Liquid Fuel Quality (Catalytic Pyrolysis) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Advanced Environmentally Friendly Composite Materials for the Furniture and Construction Industries (CRAFT 1368) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Special Reactive Latent Hardener for Use in the Wood-Based Panels Industry (CRAFT 1304) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Study and Improvement of the Parameters of Industrial Production of Laminated Particleboard (Laminated Particleboard) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Industrial re-utilization of old furniture into a recycling material REHOLZ in combination with paper mud-product RESPRO on the basis of a technology developed at a pilot scale (Old Furniture) pdf-icon.jpg Completed
Development of an adhesive system based on urea and formaldehyde for the production of particleboards and medium density fibreboards with low formaldehyde emission (PAVE 317) pdf-icon.jpg Completed