Third Party R&D

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CHIMAR is undertaking R&D projects for third parties to:

  • Develop new products and technologies and/or
  • Optimize and upgrade the existing ones

The projects implemented cover lab to industrial scale R&D depending on client’s needs and specifications.

R&D tasks are accomplished through the following means:

A. Lab and pilot facilities of CHIMAR:

  • well-equipped chemical laboratory for advanced synthesis, testing and analysis of adhesive resins and chemicals. The lab is accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 for testing the formaldehyde emission potential of wood-based panels.
  • technical laboratory for testing the performance of wood panels,
  • pilot scale installation for producing adhesive resins (nominal capacity 50L) and
  • pilot scale installation for producing wood panels.

B. Industrial testing:

  • CHIMAR chemical reactor (nominal capacity 1m3) for production of chemical additives and resins
  • Collaborating industries producing resins, chemicals and wood panels

C. R&D team of CHIMAR

  • 18 researchers (chemists, chemical engineers, electrical and computer engineer, wood and petroleum technologists)
  • High-level education and skills, multilingual (>11 languages spoken)
  • Long expertise in the development of new and innovative products and technologies for the resin and wood panel industry.

D. Collaborating international network

  • Research laboratories of universities and institutes
  • Independent research scientists
  • CHIMAR licensees (producers of resins and panels) and industrial partners

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